We all have them and need them to maintain our carpet and mats and it is a piece of equipment that is very rarely maintained until it does not work.  Vacuum cleaners are a very important part of keeping your building or home clean and there are a few basic maintenance items that need to be down on a weekly basis to keep them in top working order to remove the dirt and dust from our indoor environments.  First we need to check the bag before and after using to make sure we do not overfill the bag and cause a problem for the motor.  A good rule of thumb is when the bag is two thirds full replace the vacuum bag.  At that time check and clean any other secondary filters that filter the exhaust air from the vacuum motor.  Second, check the brushes once a month to make sure they are not worn down so the beater bar is working efficiently.  Thirdly when you wind up the cord unplug it from the wall receptacle and go back to the vacuum and wind the cord to the machine so it does not get tangled and look like a pretzel.  Lastly check the suction hose to make sure there are not any obstructions that would reduce the amount of suction the vacuum can maintain.  If you are having problems with your vacuum, give us a call or bring it into our office and we will gladly check it over.