How to Remove Salt Stains

GETTING RID OF TOUGH SALT STAINS FROM WINTER WEATHER Now that warmer weather is just around the corner, a lot of folks are doing their spring cleaning — and that includes businesses, schools, libraries and the like. In many cases, that cleaning involves removing salt stains left over from the winter, when it was tracked..

Flu Season Cleaning Tips

FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES & CLEANING TIPS TO KEEP YOUR WORKPLACE HEALTHY DURING FLU SEASON It is that time of year again in St. Louis where people get sick and pass it on to fellow employees, friends, and family. No, we are not talking about coronavirus. This time, we’re talking about the flu. We are about..

Vacuum cleaners can be a major headache.

We all have them and need them to maintain our carpet and mats and it is a piece of equipment that is very rarely maintained until it does not work.  Vacuum cleaners are a very important part of keeping your building or home clean and there are a few basic maintenance items that need to..