St. Louis janitorial pros deserve the best customer service in town

Acme’s niche in the janitorial supply market has always been customer service. Ninety percent of our customers call in their order unsure of the item numbers because they are usually out of the product. We ensure they get the correct cleaning product and deliver it the next day, which gives them peace of mind. To this day, we believe in and continue to give the very best customer service in the St. Louis area.

Acme Janitor began on July 1, 1947 with Ed and Emma Kinworthy as President and Vice President. It has always been a family business. The Kinworthy’s oldest son Charles was an outside Salesman and when their other son Allan graduated from High School he became the Driver. They started in three adjacent buildings at 4505 Manchester in St. Louis, Missouri until 1969, when they moved to 3411 Gratiot Street. With Charlie Kinworthy now in the President role, Acme Janitor moved once again in 2018 to its current location at 760 S 2nd Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63102.

Technology has played a bigger role in Acme’s most recent History.

Emma started out typing on a Underwood manual typewriter with carbon paper and four copies. Today, we use computers with hi-speed internet access, a modern website, search engine optimization and social media. We’re even using Zoom! An Epson Printer and QuickBooks software help us manage the financial side of the business. The outside salespeople use laptops, 3 out of 10 customers fax in their orders and 5 out of 100 use a credit card to pay for their purchases, reducing their costs on purchase orders.

Over the years we have also established a great relationship with our Manufacturers: Spartan Chemical, Continental Manufacturing, Layflat Mops, Eagle Power, Pitt Plastics, Ettore, Haviland Corp., Superior Manufacturing, Impact, Cotto Waxo, Hydra Sponge, Carlisle, Fort James Paper, and Technical Concepts. With these relationships we are better able to help our customers solve their challenges.

If you call today you may speak with Charlie or Mary Kinworthy, third generation family members who are committed to finding you solutions.

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