It is that time of year where people get sick and pass it on to fellow employees, friends and family.  The good new is there are a number of things we can do to stop the cross contamination that allows the germs to get passed along from person to person.  First thing we can do is wash your hands at least three times a day.  This means we should wet our hands first, then apply the hand soap, and wash your hands thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds making sure to clean all the dirt and germs off our hands.  It is not necessary to use Anti-Bacterial or Anti-Septic hand cleaners, these tend to dry out our hands and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta believes using these hand cleaners increase the germs resistance to germ fighting drugs.  Second we can clean all touch surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner and spray disinfectant spray after cleaning to provide a coating of disinfectant that coats the area and kills the germs that touch that surface on contact.  Contact areas are telephone, wall switches, door knobs, computer keyboard, table surfaces, chair backs, steering wheel, door handles, and anywhere that we touch on a daily basis.  Products we can use to clean and kill the germs are Spartan’s TnT disinfectant cleaner, Proxy II fbc, NABC, Hepacide Plus, BioRenewable Restroom Cleaner, Disinfectant Wipes, Steriphene II, and SparSanQ.  Remember wash your hands daily, many times and keep contact touch areas clean and disinfectanted and you can keep the colds, flus and whatever else is out there this year out of your system.