There is a discounted charge equipment rental as long as your are a regular customer of ours. Many businesses either don’t have the correct tools/equipment to properly clean with and sometimes they are not interested in purchasing equipment for whatever reason. Some of the types¬†of equipment that would be available for rent are as follows: mop bucket and wringer, window cleaning supplies, auto scrubbers, steam cleaner, slow speed/side by side floor machine, high speed buffer, commercial wet/dry vac, carpet extractor and vacuum cleaners. You will be required to fill out a simple form indicating pick up and return times.

All equipment will have to have the person using the equipment accept training or show us that they know how to use the equipment appropriately. This includes how to run it, clean it properly and other maintenance on the machine so it performs at 100%.

Obviously, if any parts are missing or anything is damaged when the equipment is returned, the customer is required to pay for the repairs. A credit card number will be taken when the equipment goes out for rent and we will charge any repairs or replacement parts on that card.

If you choose to be a regular customer of ours, you can receive consultation at a price to be determined by the trainer.